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Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust


Saint John Southworth Academy Trust (SJSCAT) is a Catholic multi-academy trust in the Diocese of Westminster. The Trust is a private company limited by guarantee registered with Companies House. It is also an exempt charity.

We are a growing multi-academy trust currently responsible for two schools (also called academies): St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School.

The Board of Directors governs the Trust and is legally responsible for each individual school.  Andrew Ndoca is the Chair of the Board of Directors. To get in touch with the Chair, contact Andrew Ndoca, Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust, 89 Addison Road, London W14 8BZ or email chair@sjscat.co.uk.

Governance Structure and Exercise of Functions

Our governance structure mirrors the structure in other companies. There are members, directors, committees with delegated functions and an executive tier.

The Members are guardians of the governance of the Trust. They have ultimate control, appoint some of the directors and can change the constitution. Members hold the Board of Directors to account for the effective governance of the Trust and adherence to its charitable purpose. They have a minimal role in the actual running of the Trust, which is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors governs the Trust and is legally responsible for each individual school. The Board is the key decision-making body and has three core governance functions: setting the direction of the Trust; holding executive leaders to account for educational performance and ensuring money is well spent.  The Board meets twice a term to conduct business. Many aspects of its strategic work are carried out by committees, which meet regularly throughout the year, or by lead directors who visit our schools to focus on particular areas. The terms of reference for committees and lead director roles shows which responsibilities have been delegated and records the names of those appointed.

Each school in the SJSCAT has a local governing body, which is a committee appointed by the Board to conduct core governance functions at local level. Local governing bodies are accountable to the Board of Directors and must follow Trust priorities when exercising their responsibilities. The powers, constitution and proceedings of local governing bodies are set out formally in a Scheme of Delegation and a Delegation Matrix. Use these links to find out more about our local governing bodies, how they function and contact information.

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School Local Governing Body

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Local Governing Body

Governance Documents

In common with other companies, the SJSCAT has a memorandum and articles of association. The memorandum sets out the names of the initial members of the academy trust and the articles are the rules that govern the running of the company. The terms upon which the Academy Trust is funded are set out in a funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education.

Register of Business Interests

At Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust, we must ensure that decisions taken by the SJSCAT Board and our local governing bodies are free from personal bias and do not unfairly benefit any individual or company connected with the trust. To that end, directors and local governors must register their personal and business interests at the start of the year and declare potential conflicts of interest if they arise. Click here to see the Register of Interests for the Board of Directors and the Chief Accounting Officer.  The Registers for local governing bodies are published on school websites.

Financial Reports

The Trust maintains accounting records and prepares an annual report and accounts in line with the Charity Commission's Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) and Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Accounts Direction. Our reports and accounts will be published on this website by 31 January each year.

Foundation Accounts Annual Report and Financial Statements - 31 August 2021

Meetings of the Board of Directors

The Register of Director Attendance at Board Meetings will be published here at the start of the academic year.

Once agreed by the Board of Directors, the minutes of meetings will appear here.

8 September 2021

20 October 2021

15 December 2021

9 February 2022